Episode 4: “We’re only one person!”

The episode begins with the Gilmores school-supply shopping (“3 highlighters: one dries up, one gets lost, I have one left”) and Rory toting upwards of 5 book bags off the bus to school. All of this effort by the Gilmore Girls amounts to little as Rory gets a ‘D’ on her English paper. As the … Continue reading Episode 4: “We’re only one person!”


Episode 3: Rory’s Golfing Connection

Rory has to learn a team sport and Emily offers her grandfather Richard to take her golfing at the club. Reluctantly, all parties agree. While Rory and Richard take on the greens Lorelai juggles a double wedding at the inn and her feelings about Rory's new hobby. Stand Out Scene: Rory and Richard are walking … Continue reading Episode 3: Rory’s Golfing Connection